Mantronic Enterprise provides Time Attendance system which are versatile and programmed to suit Malaysia working environment. The Time Attendance system can be customized according to our Malaysian client requirements. Fingerprint system plays important role to record employees IN & OUT timing for attendance & overtime calculation.

In Malaysia, Mantronic Enterprise have implemented fingerprint readers which are fully tested and performing very well in Malaysia major Construction, Marine, Engineering & Manufacturing industries. To read the employee’s difficult fingers which is usually dirty, oily and some employees even have sweaty & dry fingers in natural, our fingerprint access systems are built-in with high quality optical sensors which can read wet, dry, cut & swelled fingers.

There are also numerous advantage of using Biometric Time Attendance System. To name a few :
– You can’t guess a fingerprint pattern like you can guess a password.
– You can’t misplace your fingerprint, like you can misplace an access card.
– You can’t forget your fingerprints like you can forget a password.